Time Deconstruction

17 x 22 in

Time is considered the unit that measures the period that silently elapses in our daily life. It is interesting that we are always engaged in the idea of time in our daily life. However, it is difficult for us to notice the traces of time. We cannot feel or touch them directly. Meanwhile, time seems to be the combination of memories and stories of what happened in our lives. Time is thinking and recalling experiences, it is finding some neglected meanings in our lives. In order to explore the meaning of time, to feel its passing, and finding some neglected traces, I deconstructed time and changed it from one moment into two freeze-framed or multiple points by using double exposure and long exposure. This allows me to make time static and to use its traces (composed of the beginning and the end points) to feel life in one single photograph. Also, these traces seem to unlock the performative process of memories, the concealed stories, and the neglected moments in the everyday, which indirectly creates the resonance space for others to enjoy time and to recall their pleasant memories.

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