Statically “Crowded”


11.7 x 16.5 in

How do you think about objects in daily life? Do you think they are static or perhaps living in a dynamic state? Through the observation of everyday life, I realized that objects can present a state of flow, and thus contain concealed meanings or stories, even if they look static. The experience of living in my hometown, Shanghai, gave me this unique insight and vision to represent the crowded spirit of Shanghai through static everyday objects in the street or in the community. No matter the visually-crowded state the objects’ context or use, these static objects, all make me discover and feel the crowded state in the city and its people. They acquire a fluidity in themselves that expresses a congested state, even though they are visually static. What’s more, these “crowded” objects reveal a unique example of people that are living together in a highly populated city like Shanghai. I want to provide a new perspective that documents and exhibits how people live under crowded conditions in my hometown by photographing their everyday objects, but not them, as the subjects of my work.

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